Easter 2024 Transformed Into Light

festivals mysticism Mar 31, 2024

RUSSILL: On a day like this, we wanna wish everybody who identifies with Christianity a very blessed day, because this is a day that is so special for anybody who has grown up Christian or who has been born into a Christian family, or someone who is actively a Christian.  

ASHA: And we also like to wish people of all faith or no faith that this day, may this day be a day of resurrection for you and whatever that you feel needs new energy. We wanted to offer a simple message to everyone in the world, regardless of your faith.


RUSSILL: At the present time because of the deep influence of Eastern spirituality, for me personally, today is a day to meditate upon the light. We, in our yogic mystery school, we've been studying the Gayatri Upasana, which is such an incredible practice in which we meditate upon the light, we pay attention to the light.

In St. John's gospel, there is the strong influence of what is called Persian light mysticism. There is this sense that in the beginning was the word. And also there's that this this sense of the light: a light that the darkness cannot overcome. And this is very, very important because the resurrection is a transformation into light. It's a different mode of being. It's a transmutation, uh, a metamorphosis from the physical realm where everything and be Griffiths would say this very beautifully.  Every part, the blood, the bones, the cells, the tissues, everything that's corporeal is taken up into the light and transformed into a different order of being.

And so the resurrection can be very meaningful for us no matter what our faith is because it tells us that in the end, we will all belong to the realm of light, which is the spiritual mode of being light itself, being a metaphor for this spiritual mode of being a spiritual reality in which there is no death essentially, that there is no death. And that is the message of Easter and it's prevalent in all traditions. But we want to honor the Christian tradition today and we want to honor the sister tradition for us, which is Hinduism.

ASHA: Yeah, certainly I think almost everyone can relate to the message of light because regardless of your faith, light is seen as something as purifying, purifying not only the body, but also purifying the mind and the symbolism of resurrection for me, particularly today, is resurrection from negativity, resurrection from pessimism, resurrection from ignorance. And I believe that in this context, resurrection needs to happen every single day.   But today, being Easter Sunday, we specially celebrate this in a way that not only honors the Christian tradition, but also the entire world so that we may all be shining, shining bright in our essence, which is holy and sacred.  



ASHA & RUSSILL: Happy Easter eveyrone!

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