Life Matters

yogic mystery school Jan 13, 2021

Every day, we wake up, live our lives, and go to sleep. We never know what is going to happen. It is tough to align ourselves with what matters when we are confused by current events or circumstances as with covid, or matters of social unrest.

Human life has value because it is a medium for consciousness to evolve. The constitution of the United States places a high value on human life and dignity. Recent events in the US capitol building, however, have left many of us unsettled.

Below, is an audio vision meditation to help us tap into what matters at this time. It is not your typical meditation experience, so here is some context:

At first, some of the questions might feel probing, even unsettling. Relax—there is no need to answer them with your conscious mind.

Meditation is usually meant to help quiet our minds. But sometimes, meditation can also help us think deeply.

Does it matter that we exist in another human's mind? If someone thinks well or negatively of anyone, do those thoughts matter? How?

Of course, we matter—every created being matters in the eyes of God. But do we matter to each other? The egoic mind may not think so, but our soul does.

As you use the meditation below, keep your eyes open but relax your mind as you follow the visuals.

At the heart of the process is considering our legacy to the world? What are we leaving behind if we die today? We leave behind our what we value.

Our choices matter. The thoughts we think in our mind matter. The words we speak aloud matter.

However, deep down, do we believe that we matter? That's the most important realization of all!

These are unsettling times for sure. Nevertheless, we can be our best selves and do what we do best in the world: bear witness to good values.

In One Spirit,


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