Knowing Where Our Power Lies

spiritual coaching Jan 28, 2022

These are undoubtedly challenging times for everyone in the world. But I want you to know that there is always hope. And a way to address our inner conditions.

When speaking of spiritual practice in the unprecedented circumstances of our time, we have to weigh every word we utter. In addition, our methods have to address the anxiety and depression resulting from so much uncertainty.

No superficial practice will cut it. What is happening in our world is not simple. So we cannot expect a simple solution.

For example, if you want to calm your mind and the nervous system quickly, I suggest chanting "Om Namah Shivaya" with Gnana Mudra. You can reference the mudra in the blog image above. The combination of sound and gesture is powerful. You are grounding and energizing simultaneously.

However, sustaining spiritual consciousness during challenging times requires stamina. Mantra practice will lend itself to the process, but we must learn more than just mantra practice. That's where this coaching question can help.

As a spiritual coach, I've used this signature process with students that is particular effective. Spiritual coaching seeks to help a student thrive no matter the circumstances. And despite how hard this can be, we've got to keep doing it.

Amid the uncertainty, complications, and inconveniences of life, we can each create clear directives on how to go about each day. Sometimes, it can be as simple as asking ourselves just one powerful question:

"Where Does Your Power Lie?"

Knowing where our power lies at all times is the key to sustaining our empowerment, especially during challenging circumstances. It takes tenacity and builds stamina to support this question and our responses.

The pandemic is a sustained challenge that can help us train our inner spiritual capabilities to develop our spiritual stamina and mind-muscle, essential to what I call Staying Spiritually Fit. The question, "Where Does My Power Lie" is central to the process.

When circumstances are challenging, we often want to offer suggestions, tips, advice. But unfortunately, the gravity of events can cause our good intentions to fall flat on its face.

There are always tense events on the world stage, the national level, or right home in our backyards. So when you ask yourself the question, "Where Does My Power Lie?" know that there are at least three options.

One option is taking action.

If you have a clear sense of direction at the moment, take it. Sometimes, this might be the first step. Taking action is often a meaningful way to transform our disempowerment into power. To take action during challenging circumstances, we must also rely on our cultivated inner spiritual strength. Mantra practice is one of the ways to build spiritual stamina.

Another option is being grateful.

Under challenging circumstances, we may not realize how many people are lending their support to what is difficult for us. For example, many individuals are working hard to change the balance of covid, trying to change it from pandemic to endemic. But unfortunately, considering this option can evade us when we are excessively critical and unappreciative. It takes tenacity to alter our habitual criticism to habitual appreciation.

The third option is to connect to the Divine.

Connecting to the Divine is not mental or intellectual because that does not work when life goes crazy. Instead, we need a palpable connection. It is for this reason I love Tantra so much. This tradition offers a visceral connection to the non-physical realm through its practices through mantras and mudras that are not easy to speak about unless you go deep into the process.

Now there are different types of Tantric practices, such as manifestation techniques. For example, you can use "Om Shrim Mahalakshmyai Namah" with Kubera Mudra to cultivate abundance consciousness. However, if one has not cultivated an intimate relationship with the divine, manifestation practices can cause us to feel more self-reliant than cultivating a deep connection with a sense of divine abundance.

Asking where our power lies and getting in touch with our soul's more profound wisdom can be valuable in cultivating intimacy with the divine. Read on and watch the video below for more insights on this method.

The video below, created during the pandemic's peak in the summer of 2020, was not shared because I did not want to give the general public false hope. However, everything shared in the video turned out true and still holds good, which is why it is offered to you now.

Students I was coaching at the time who had lost their jobs recovered it. Others did not recover their jobs but rediscovered their power. They are doing well now, emotionally and spiritually.

No matter what you are going through, remember to ask "Where Does My Power Lie" and choose the most appropriate response. At the very least, the method will lead you to a better solution than the anxiety generated by a disempowerment self.

Staying Spiritually Fit


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