Rudra Abhisekham On The Cauvery

shiva tantra Jan 30, 2024

A few days ago, we performed Rudra Abhisekham on the river bed. The waters of the holy river Cauvery are controlled by a dam in order to distribute the water over many fields and villages. It is a wide riverbed with gorgeous river sand in areas that make for amazing spaces to meditate and conduct spiritual practice.

The effect of this ancient form of worship is to generate a powerful wave of positive energy that, in turn, removes negative vibrations. The Shiva Lingam, which is the focus of the puja, emanates a distinctive vibration for which mantras from the Yajur Veda are chanted, in particular, the Sri Rudra Praśna.

Around 6 pm, on a full moon, we gathered together on the river sand to pour milk and make other traditional ablutions on the Shiva Linga, offering flowers, incense, and fire. It was a magical experience, especially to sit as a community in silent meditation after the ritual was completed.

The Rudra Praśna is a collection of eleven anuvākas (sections) comprising the Namakam because it is filled with the word "Namaha" that offers praise and reverence to Shiva. There is also the Camakam, which is asking for various things, like longevity and good health. Ca means "and." The two together are an astounding feat in phonetics and spiritual energy.

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