Lakshmi Tantra Discernment

lakshmi tantra Nov 11, 2023

Learn to change your “I can’t” into “I can!”

Lakshmi Tantra is the quintessential method of manifestation. Many teachers of manifestation have taken their methods from this ancient system without giving credit to their sources. Now you can study the traditional way to assist your process as a practitioner of manifestation techniques or as a teacher of such techniques.

Are you ready to undertake the Lakshmi Tantra?

Can you identify a sense of lack in your consciousness, in relationships, your career, your finances, your location, your environment?

Can you determine that you are willing to do something about this lack, that you are determined to commit to the process daily?

Can you decide that you are willing to commit to building your relationship with Lakshmi because you see her as a way towards.

If you can say YES to all three of these questions, you can change every “I can’t” To “I can”

What does the practice of Lakshmi Tantra involve?

If you ready to undertake the Lakshmi Tantra, you should be willing to commit to a daily practice, even if it is for a few minutes each day. Second, you should apply the principles you learn at other times of the day, especially when you sense any lack in your consciousness. Finally, once a week, you should dedicate about 30 minutes (half an hour) to engage in Lakshmi Puja. You could choose a Friday for this purpose, or if you are busy on Fridays, Sundays will be an option.

It is this consistency once a day of dedicated Lakshmi Tantra practices (and this can vary each day). Next, bring to your mind some of the principles you learn so that you can rewire your brain when you are experiencing a sense of lack in your consciousness. Third, you devote twenty to thirty minutes to learning how to do Lakshmi puja once weekly, either on a Friday or a Sunday. Each week, you can grow your understanding and practice of Lakshmi Puja.

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